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Agreement & Waiver

Ledford Works LLC
6950 Teate Rd.
Young Harris, GA 30582
Updated: January 1, 2022


I hereby acknowledge that Ledford Works and Ledford Family Farm has allowed me to participate in a knife-making class located at Ledford Family Farm. The class is taught by Caleb Ledford.

I hereby acknowledge that no insurance policies exist that may cover any damages, loss or injuries that may occur during the use of the property, either by myself or by others.

I hereby waive any and all claims that may arise against the owners of the property or parties involved in the instruction of the class or activity during the use of the above referenced property or equipment used in the class or while visiting the property. Said waiver shall be effective against myself, my heirs and assigns.

I hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless the owners of the property for any loss or damage that may be caused or that may occur through the use of the above referenced property or equipment.

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I give permission for Ledford Works to use any pictures or videos taken during the class for social media and marketing purposes.

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